Ladan Niayesh

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Professor of early modern studies at the University of Paris (ex-Paris Diderot), and a member of the LARCA research centre (UMR 8225, CNRS). The two focuses of my research are early modern drama (Shakespeare and his contemporaries), and travel writings connected to the East, with a particular interest in Muscovy and Persia. I am currently a visiting fellow at Exeter college, Oxford, and benefit from a Délégation CNRS (one-year funded research leave) from the LARCA.
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Monographs, critical editions, edited volumes or journal issues:
- Astrolabe 49 (2020) : special issue on “Captain Cook after 250 Years: Re-exploring the Voyages of James Cook”, , coedited with Pierre Lurbe and Emmanuelle Péraldo.
- Eastern Resonances in Early Modern England: Receptions and Transformations from the Renaissance to the Romantic Period, ed. Claire Gallien and Ladan Niayesh. London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2019.
- Sillages critiques 26 (2019) : special issue on “Nouvelles perspectives sur The Duchess of Malfi”, coedited with Line Cottegnies, Anne-Valérie Dulac and Anne-Marie Miller-Blaise.
- Three Romances of Eastern Conquest. “Revels Plays Companion Series”. Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2018.
- XVII-XVIII 74 (2017), special issue on “L’Empire”, coedited with Marie-Jeanne Rossignol.
- "Nouvelles lectures de Love’s Labour’s Lost / New Critical Essays on Love’s Labour’s Lost", Actes de la Société Française Shakespeare 32 (2015), coedited with Yan Brailowsky, Sophie Chiari, Line Cottegnies, Anne-Valérie Dulac, Denis Lagae-Devoldere, Sophie Lemercier-Goddard, Anne-Marie Miller-Blaise, Laetitia Sansonetti, and Michèle Vignaux.
- Études Épistémè 46 (automne 2014), special issue on “Curiosité et géographie en Orient et en Occident, XVIème – XVIIIème siècles”, coedited with Line Cottegnies and Annick Horiuchi.
- Cahiers Shakespeare en devenir 6 (2012), special issue on “Filiations et affiliation”, coedited with Pascale Drouet.
- A Knight’s Legacy: Mandeville and Mandevillian Lore in Early Modern England. Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2011.
- Aux Frontières de l’humain : figures du cannibalisme dans le théâtre anglais de la Renaissance. Paris : Honoré Champion, 2009.

Selected recent book chapters and articles:
- “Reterritorializing Persepolis: The First English Travellers’ Accounts”, 115-131 in Jane Grogan (éd.), Beyond Greece and Rome: Reading the Ancient Near East in Early Modern Europe. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2020.
- “Othello réapproprié : adaptations et recontextualisations (XVIIIème – début XXème siècles)”, 81-91 in Daniel Lançon et Sarga Moussa (éds.), L’esclavage oriental et africain au regard des littératures, des arts et de l’histoire (XVIIIème – XXème siècles). Paris : Presses de la Sorbonne Nouvelle, 2019.
- “Mises en scène de tempêtes providentielles en mer dans le théâtre anglais de la première modernité”, 219-230 in Sophie Chiari (éd.), Ecrire la catastrophe : l’Angleterre à l’épreuve des éléments (XVIème – XVIIIème siècles). Clermont Ferrand : Presses de l’Université Blaise Pascal, 2019.
- “Seeing and Overseeing the Stage as Map in Early Modern Drama”, 39-54 in Claire Jowitt et David McInnis (éds.), Travel and Drama in Early Modern England: The Journeying Play. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2018.
- “From Travel Guide to Self-Discovery in Andrew Boorde’s Fyrst Boke of the Introduction of Knowledge (1547)”, Etudes Anglaises 70:2 (avril-juin 2017), 138-146.
- “The Fabric of Silk Power in the Sherley Portraits”, 205-220 in Nathalie Rivère de Carles (éd.), Early Modern Diplomacy, Theatre and Soft Power: The Making of Peace. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2016.
- “Europeanizing the Turks in Robert Greene’s Alphonsus, King of Aragon”, 57-67 in Florian Kläger et Gerd Bayer (éds.), Early Modern Constructions of Europe: Literature, Culture, History. New York: Routledge, 2016.

- Models of Race and Empire in Early English Accounts of Russians and Tatars. Monograph contracted to Cambridge University Press, to be published in 2022.
- Coedition, with Kurosh Meshkat (British Library) and Alasdair MacDonald (emeritus, University of Groningen), of An Elizabethan Soldier in Safavid Persia : Sir Anthony Sherley?s Mission to the Court of Shah ?Abbas the Great, the Persian Embassy to Muscovy, the Holy Roman Empire, the Papal States and Habsburg Spain. Contracted to the Hakluyt Society, to be published in 2023.
- Coedition, with Ralph Cleminson (emeritus, University of Portsmouth), of volume 3 (on Muscovy and Persia) of Richard Hakluyt's Principal Navigations, Voyages and Discoveries of the English Nation. Contracted to Oxford University Press .
- Forthcoming chapters in A New Companion to the Global Renaissance (ed. Jyotsna Singh, contracted to Blackwell), Medieval Travel Writing: A Global History (ed. Sebastian Sobecki, contracted to Cambridge University Press).